What Causes Acne?


The primary cause of acne is a rise in androgen (hormone) levels. Androgen levels rise when a human reaches puberty. The oil glands under your skin grow as androgen level increases and this produces more oil.

Medications that contain androgen adds to the list. People who take weight gaining supplements for body building are susceptible to acne as the androgen level increases drastically.

People who use cosmetics often, are prone to acne when proper cleaning is not done. The greasy substance traps dirt and as a result it causes blocked pores.

Experts believe genetics could be a main factor in causing acne on many cases. During pregnancy period, the change in hormone may cause acne to develop.

Another source of hormonal change is stress. Working and living in Singapore is stressful and that will take a toll in the adrenal glands. Students encounter increase in stress level when they are near exam periods and they often suffer from breakouts during this period.

Pollution in the air puts a layer of dirt on your face especially if you live or work in an industrial area or surrounded by on-going constructions. Take a facial wipe after coming home and you will notice the dirt on your face and that is what will cause blockage to your pores if not cleaned promptly.

You may be using the wrong products on your face. If you have oily skin or large pores and are prone to breakouts, you should be using oil-free or water-based skincare products. Apply another layer of oily substance on your face is going to clog your pores and make matters worse.

Another potential cause is sugar because it raises your insulin level that boosts those oil-triggering male hormones. This becomes a problem if you frequently consume foods with high sugar contents as the insulin level rises.  If you are prone to breakouts, you need to know that sugar promotes inflammation.


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Getting to know about about acne. Cures and treatments that works for many people.

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